“Froggie 500” Night Results                                                                       

                                                     March   29,  2019


Jr. Division  200 Lap Main


Position  Driver             Laps

1. Brady Thompson     200         

2. Jason Wilde             189            

3. Lydia DeHart           187         

4. Elaina Brown           186         

5.   Jacob DeHart            149

6.   Tyler Fogg                103


The Jr. Division raced six 3 minute segments to reach 200 laps. The first segment saw Brady Thompson jump out to an early 3 lap lead over the field. Jason Wilde had a good second segment reducing Brady’s lead to two laps. Brady Thompson increased his lead by the half way point of the race as Elaina Brown moved into second place. After the fourth segment Brady Thompson was still on top followed by Elaina Brown and Lydia DeHart. Lydia Dehart drove a good fifth segment to move into second position followed by Elaina Brown and Jason Wilde. During the final segment Brady Thompson maintained his lead to be the first to reach 200 laps. Jason Wilde drove from fourth to finish second .  Lydia Dehart held on to collect third spot with Elaina Brown finishing fourth. Fifth position went to Jacob DeHart followed by rookie driver  Tyler Fogg.   

   Brady Thompson


Brady Thompson

   Pro Division 500 Lap                 


       Group 12 Motors

Position  Driver              Laps

1. Kent Weaver             500

2. Rob Renninger          497

3. Debbie Heller            496              

4. Bruce Mitchell          478    

5. Tony Percival            440

6. Dr. Luke Fogg           322

   Race Time 32 min.  26 sec.

     Kent Weaver

The premier race each racing season at Frogg Ocean Speedway is the “Froggie 500” race for the Pro– Division. For this 500 lap race the cars are equipped with Group 12 motors which make these cars the fastest and often the most difficult cars we race. The drivers started this race this year racing six minutes on each  lane. The first segment of the race saw Rob Renninger open an early one lap lead over Debbie Heller with Kent Weaver three laps down. Rob Renninger started the race on white lane. Rob Renninger’s best lap time was 3.445 seconds. Debbie had a strong second segment as she erased Rob Renninger’s lead resulting in both drivers having the same number of laps. With Debbie Heller and Rob Renninger tied Kent Weaver dropped to six laps behind the leaders. Rob Renninger again turned the fastest lap at 3.518seconds while on the red lane. The third segment allowed Kent Weaver to race on an easier lane closing to within four laps of the leader Rob Renninger. Kent Weaver had the fastest lap recorded during the

to race on an easier lane closing to within four laps of the leader Rob Renninger. Kent Weaver had the fastest lap recorded during the third segment at 3.468 seconds while on the green lane. Rob Renninger had a good run on the blue lane during the fourth segment again increasing his lead to six laps. Kent Weaver set the fastest lap of the race during the fourth segment. The computer recorded a 3.415 second lap while Kent Weaver raced on the white lane. The fifth segment was disastrous for Rob Renninger. Usually known for having a great car on the black lane, for some unknown reason, Rob’s car was terrible causing him to turn ten laps less then the new leader of the race, Kent Weaver. Kent held a four lap lead starting the six and final segment and only needed 37 laps to reach 500 laps. At the 500 lap mark Kent Weaver was the winner with Rob Renninger three laps behind. Debbie Heller was third just four laps down. Bruce Mitchell was fourth with Tony Percival fifth followed by Dr. Luke Fogg .      

Amateur Division  500 Lap  


          Sealed S16D Motors               

Position  Driver            Laps

1. Tony Percival          500

2. Rick Thompson       492

3. Erik Brown              458

4. Andy Kates              447

5. Noah Brown            440

6. Eddie Kates             345                

  Race Time  37 min. 40 sec.

       Tony Percival

The Amateur Division 500 lap race was held with drivers using S16D motors. Tony Percival jumped out to an early lead of two laps over Erik Brown, Noah Brown, and Rick Thompson following the first 6 minute segment. Rick Thompson opened up a two lap lead over Erik Brown during the second segment of the race. The third segment of the race still showed Rick Thompson as the leader with Tony three laps behind in second. Rick Thompson had a great run during the fourth segment of the race opening up a seven lap lead over Tony Percival and 17 laps over third place driver Erik Brown. During the fifth segment Tony Percival closed to within one lap of the lead. The sixth segment was troublesome for Rick Thompson allowing  Tony Percival to take over the lead by 8 laps. Tony Percival needed only 24 laps during the seventh segment to reach 500 Laps and the win.