Car Specifications and Race Rules

                                                     Slot Car Specifications

Chassis– Champion Turboflex 4 inch wheel base

Body Type– Champion NASCAR late model bodies only. (246-249) (250-253) (281-283) (286) (294-296)

                      Rear spoiler may not be higher then roof.

                      The bottom edge of rear bumper may be no higher than

                      9/16 of an inch from the track.              

                      Where the windshield meets the hood must be a

                      minimum of 1 inch from the track surface.

                      Bodies must be painted and contain numbers.

Motor– Champion or ProSlot Group 12 or Group 15 motors  or sealed 16D or

              sealed Super 16D motors may be used except for races when

             only sealed 16D or sealed super 16D motors are required. You

              may change the armatures on the group 12 and group 15 motors. (Arm must

               be marked X-12 or X-15 with the exception that stock Proslot PS3000 SpeedFX X-12 motors.)           

               Proslot PS3000 SpeedFX  X-12 motors do not have an X-12 marked armature.

               Magnets used on all motors must be ceramic. 

               Ball bearings are permitted on the gear end of group 12 and group 15 motors only.

              Motors may not contain shunt wires.


            A. Light front wheels are allowed.

            B. Rear axle 1/8" or 3/32" in diameter.

            C. Rear Tires- Any tire is permitted as long as 1/16th

               clearance is maintained at the start of a race.    

               Also maximum width is 3 1/4 inches. Cars must have

               4 wheels.

            D. Minimum chassis clearance is 1/16th of an inch.

Gears- No restrictions

Controllers – Fixed ohm controllers must be used. Controllers with variable OHM  or breaking adjustment features are not permitted. 

                                                      Rules and Procedures

The rules set forth will be followed during the 2020 racing season. Rules may be changed during the season.

1. All drivers will adhere to all rules and procedures.

2. Track calls permitted:

        When a car is off in a non-marshaled area.

        When the track needs attention for repairs.

        At the race directors discretion.

        When a rider is spotted.

        When a car leaves the racing surface.

3. Yelling at a corner marshal is strictly prohibited.

4. All racers are required to corner marshal.

5. The lap counter is assumed to be correct. When an error is detected laps may be added but not taken away.

6. No Smoking in the building.

7. During the break between heat races only the cars for the next race are allowed on the track.

8. Any violation of the rules may result in the following: Verbal warning. 10 lap penalty, or forfeiture of race position.

9. At the end of any race, drivers should not remove their cars until directed by the race director. This is to determine the finishing order in case there is a  tie with the number of laps.

10. Cars may be teched before the start of any race by  the race director. 

11. For the Main Events drivers must use the same chassis and body that was used in at least one of

        their qualifying heats.

Champion Turbo Flex Chassis

    Pro Slot Group 12 Motor

    Sealed Super 16D Motor