Frogg Ocean Speedway

    Canton, New Jersey

       1/24th Scale Slot Car Racing

      12 Week NASCAR Racing Series

       Friday Night - January thru March 2018

              6 Lane – 100 Feet – Frogg Ocean Speedway

Frogg Ocean Speedway is located in the home of Bruce & Nancy Mitchell. It is operated as a non-profit Club track. Racing and practice is limited to Friday nights. 

  All Slot Car Racers are welcome.       

  Telephone (856) 935 1299

         Email –


                 Noah Brown, Kent Weaver, and Tony Percival                                        

                                        Main Event Winners









Friday,  March 9  —  After cancelling last week’s event due to the severe weather,  Frogg Ocean Speedway held the seventh race of its NASCAR Series Friday night.  The Jr. Division saw a new winner this week as Noah Brown with his invisibly fast  “Camo Special” captured his first “A” main win of the season. Jaida Brown continued to run strong with a good performance and a second place finish. Jr. Division point leader Kayla Brown also had her car running well and  finished  third. Jaedon Angelis driving a borrowed car gave it a good ride with a fourth place finish. Fifth place was Eddie Kates with Andy Kates sixth. The Jr. Division “B” Main was also won by Noah Brown with Andy Kates second. Third position went to Gabriel Militti followed by Brady Thompson,  Dominic Militti, Lydia DeHart, and Elania Brown. The Jr. Division “C: Main winner was Lydia DeHart with Elania Brown second followed by  Connor Henderson, Jacob Dehart and Zoey Hess.  The Pro Division this week fitted their cars with group 12 motors. The quicker motors and a heavy rubbered  track may have resulted in a race with more crashes than normal. At the finish it was Jr. Division driver Kent Weaver from New Holland, PA with his group 12 car who was the winner of the 15 minute “A” Main  event. Bruce Mitchell survived to finish second. Third place went to Point leader Debbie Heller. Tom “Brutal” Varinecz finished fourth followed by Chris Heller and Rob Renninger.   The Amateur Division had a small group of drivers on hand  Friday night. The 15 minute “A” Main was run having no lane changes. Tony Percival was the winner with Rick Thompson second and Larry Bishov third. Heat winners for the evening were: Eddie Kates, Kayla Brown, Jaida Brown, Kent Weaver, Rob Renninger, Jaedon Angelis, Elania Brown, Chris Heller, and Tony Percival. 

Racing continues Friday night March 16 with all Divisions using  Sealed S16D motors.           

           Noah Brown                                                            Kent Weaver                                                   Tony Percival

             Noah Brown’s

            “Camo  Special”