Frogg Ocean Speedway

    Canton, New Jersey

       1/24th Scale Slot Car Racing

      12 Week NASCAR Racing Series

   Friday Nights  - Jan. thru March 2020

              6 Lane – 100 Feet – Frogg Ocean Speedway

Frogg Ocean Speedway is located in the home of Bruce & Nancy Mitchell. It is operated as a non-profit Club track. Racing and practice is limited to Friday nights. 

  All Slot Car Racers are welcome.       

  Telephone (856) 935 1299

         Email –


Organized Slot Car Racing has been suspended due to the Coronavirus. At this time we are hoping that conditions will exist to allow racing to continue for 2022. Frogg Ocean Speedway is ready. Several racers have contacted us saying they are ready to race once it can safely be continued.

              Frogg Ocean Speedway History and Facts

Frogg Ocean Speedway was built by Bruce Mitchell and Dave Finlaw during the summer of 1975. The actual construction started in May and the track was completed in October. The design incorporated improvements based on things learned from the previous building of Maskell’s Mill Speedway. This resulted in a new 1/24th scale slot car track with 6 lanes and a distance of 5 inches between the slots. The “L” shaped figure 8 layout best utilized the space in the basement and still left some space for a work bench and pit area. The track contained 4 different turns. One of the turns almost flat and the other three turns banked 10, 15, and 20 degrees respectively. The longest straight is 30 feet in length. The total track lap length is 100 feet.


 In 1976 a 12 week winter series was held racing cars with bodies representing modified stock cars that competed at tracks in the north east of the United States. Most of the cars were equipped with Group 20 motors. Each night drivers competed in heat races to determine the six best drivers. These six drivers competed in a 15 minute main event to determine the feature winner. This tradition continued through 1989. In 1990 and 1991 only six weekly races were held. Two types of cars were raced. The modified stock cars and Euro cars fitted with late model bodies and Group 12 motors. No organized racing was held from 1992 to 2000. In 2001 racing continued at Frogg Ocean Speedway. Carl Ford the owner of Champion Slot Car Products had been contacted prior to the start of the season. He recommended using  Champion Turbo Flex cars with late model bodies and group 12 motors. With the popularity of NASCAR decals were available and many cars were painted and lettered to match those seen at Daytona and other tracks. These cars proved to be an excellent choice as they have been raced for 20 years. In 2010 we began using Proslot PS-2003 Speed FX motors for all of the Amateur  Division and half of the Pro Division weekly events. These in expensive motors were recommended by Matt Bruce adding some variety and tight competition to the racing. For the past eleven years the use of two different motors by the pro division has created some great racing. Sixteen different drivers were able to earn a Pro Division 15 minute main event. The winners are Rob Renninger, Jeff Beal, Ron Yost, Todd Elwell, John Carpenter, Debbie Heller, Bruce Mitchell, Darren Wildermuth, Dr. Luke Fogg, David Wildermuth, Alfred Wood, Leon Esham, Matt Bruce, Eric Fogg. And Kent Weaver. Our Amateur Division Point Champions over the past 10 years were Al Wood, J R Master, Darren Wildermuth, Eric Fogg, Tyler Garrison, Rick Thompson, Kent Weaver and Tony Percival. Jr. Division Point Champions were Wade Simpkins Jr.,Drew simpkins, Levi simpkins, Mathew Beal, T J Peirson, John Carpenter Jr. Darren Wildermuth, Kyle Yanush, Blake Griscon, Andy Kates, Kayla Brown, and Lydia DeHart.


We raced on a 4 Lane slot car track at Maskells Mill from 1968 to 1975. Combined with Frogg Ocean Speedway, with organized racing started in 1976, over 450 different drivers have competed at least once at the two tracks.