6 Lane - 100 Feet Frogg Ocean Speedway

Rob Renninger and Mathew Beal   
       Capture "A" Main Wins
Frogg Ocean Speedway held the third race of its 12 week Nascar series Friday night. The top heat qualifiers for the evening were Mathew Beal in the Jr. division and John Carpenter Sr. in the Sr. division. Heat winners were Thomas Poliski, Mathew Beal, Chris Heller, Joe Weaver Jr., Debbie Heller, Dr. Luke Fogg, Darren
Wildermuth, Leon Esham, Al Wood, Wade Simpkins Jr. and Lauryn Heller.

The Jr, Division "A" Main yielded another very close finish as Mathew Beal and Thomas Poliski both finished on the same lap. Mathew Beal was awarded the win by just a few feet over Thomas.
Finishing third was TJ Peirson. With his best finish of the year Noah Underwood earned fourth spot. Tyler Garrison finished fifth followed by Darren Wildermuth and Jeremy Beal.                                 

In the Sr. division the "E" Main was won by Marc Cunningham. Josh Dewitt was the winner of the "D" Main. The "C" main was won by Dr. Luke Fogg with Rob Renninger finishing second.
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This Week
January 23,  all cars  must  have  sealed S16D

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