Frogg Ocean Speedway

    Canton, New Jersey

       1/24th Scale Slot Car Racing

      12 Week NASCAR Racing Series

       Friday Night - January thru March 2017

              6 Lane – 100 Feet – Frogg Ocean Speedway

Frogg Ocean Speedway is located in the home of Bruce & Nancy Mitchell. It is operated as a non-profit Club track. Racing and practice is limited to Friday nights. 

  All Slot Car Racers are welcome.       

  Telephone (856) 935 1299

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                         Froggie 500 Night Winners














                Andy Kates                                                 Dr. Luke Fogg                                                  Kent Weaver  



4/1/17 Frogg Ocean Speedway held its final scheduled event Friday night. The annual “Froggie 500” night began with a series of 30 second time trials for all three divisions.  The results of the time trials determined the starting positions for the main events. The top qualifier for the Jr. Division was Noah Brown with 7.63 laps. The Amatuer Division top qualifier was Tony Percival with 7.68 laps. Dr.Luke Fogg was the top Qualifier in the Pro Division with 8.09 laps.  Following the Time trials pizza was served to all the drivers and guests.


The first event of the evening was “Round Robin” race for the nine Jr. division drivers. Each driver ran six 3.5 minute segments on all of the six lanes of the track. Dominick Militti was the leader following the first segment. Brady Thompson was the winner of the second segment. The third segment was won by Noah Brown with Eddie Kates the total lap leader. The fourth, fifth and sixth segments were won by Eddie Kates and was the leader at the end of his run. The seventh , eighth, and ninth segments were won by Andy Kates with Andy winning the event with a lap total of 277 laps. Finishing second was Eddie Kates with a lap total of 272 laps. Third position went to Noah Brown with 266 laps with Gabriel fourth, 251 laps. Fifth and sixth were Brady Thompson and Dominic Militti both with 248 laps. Eric Brown was seventh with 247laps and eighth was Jaedon Angelis with 231 laps. Jen Gaunt was ninth with 218 laps.         


The Pro Division “Froggie 500” was the next event. The drivers raced 5 minutes on each lane and if necessary to reach 500 laps they would race an additional segment on their starting lane the time needed for the leader to reach 500 laps. Rob Renninger was the leader by one lap over Dr. Luke Fogg and Eric Fogg at the end of the first segment. Eric Fogg had a strong second segment grabbing the lead by two laps over Rob Renninger and Debbie Heller. Dr. Luke Fogg had the hot hand through the third segment as he gained the lead by one lap over Rob Renninger. At this point of the race it was a close battle between Dr. Fogg and Rob Renninger as the two remained on the same lap or no more than a lap apart through the fourth, fifth, and sixth segments. As mentioned earlier, for the seventh and final segment the driver reaching 40 laps first would be the winner of the 500 lap event. Dr. Luke Fogg had a flawless run on white lane while Rob Renninger de-slotted on blue lane allowing Dr. Fogg to reach 500 laps first, winning the event. Rob Renninger was second with 498 laps and Debbie Heller third 490 laps. Eric Fogg was fourth followed by Chris Heller and Tom Varinecz. The total race time of the 500 lap event 32 minutes 30 seconds.


The Amateur Division “Froggie 500” used the same format as the Pro Division. The first segment saw Kent Weaver driving his “White Lightning Special” take an early lead 4 lap lead over Rick Thompson and Tony Percival. Rick Thompson narrowed Kent Weaver’s lead to three laps by the half way point of the race. Through the fourth fifth and sixth segments Kent Weaver increased his lead to 16 laps over the rest of the field turning laps under 3.5 seconds.  At the finish Kent Weaver was the winner with 500 laps. Second was Rick Thompson with 482 Laps. Tony Percival driving his Black “Skunk” Special was third with 480 laps. Fourth was Doug Fogg with 456 laps and Walt Roth was fifth with 446 laps. Luke Fogg dropped out of the race early with 55 laps. The total race time to reach 500 laps was 32 minutes 41 seconds.    


An added week of non-point racing has been added for this Friday night April 7. A special truck race will be held along with races for our three NASCAR racing divisions.  For the truck race drivers will drive each of six trucks assigned to each lane. The driver switch lanes but the trucks remain of the same lane.  This is truly a drivers race as each driver has to adjust to driving each truck and to driving each lane. Pass the word that we are racing on April 7 and come out and enjoy the fun.



 Thanks for another great winter NASCAR Series. Congratulations to our three Series Point Champions— Andy Kates, Rick Thompson and Debbie Heller.

Have a great summer and have your cars ready for our pre-season races in December.